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AlwaysThere™ Virtual Servers

Secure Cloud Hosting – one server at a time.

Flexible, powerful servers when you need them. Perfect for teams or departments that need flexible and secure hosting with predictable monthly costs.

AlwaysThere™ Secure Cloud Flexibilty Pay-as-you-go Totally Managed™ Privacy Protected

 Standard Virtual Server Features

  Predictable Monthly Bills
Public cloud providers send you a billing surprise each month. Radiant’s pricing plans mean you can properly budget your monthly costs.
  Flexible – grow & shrink as you need
Add more RAM, CPU, or storage whenever your business requires it.
  Persistent Virtual Machines
Unlike public clouds, our cloud servers are stored for you even during shutdown. Start them back up whenever you need them.
  Windows, Linux and More
We provide managed support for Windows™ and Linux™ operating systems. We also support any VMware compatible operating systems in an unmanaged configuration.
  Dedicated Firewalls
Security is part of our solution. Each customer receives their own firewall that Radiant will configure as needed.
  Complete Administration Access
Secure, direct administrative access to all of your servers. Administer your own server or use our TotallyManaged hosting option.
Totally Managed™ Cloud Servers
We offer a completely managed experience including monitoring, patching, and  administrative support for your cloud servers.
24x7 Support
All of our cloud servers and hosted private clouds come with 24x7 support. Call us anytime.

AlwaysThere™ Virtual Server Details

Canada's most sophisticated cloud platform
Powered by VMware®, Cisco® and NetApp®, the AlwaysThere cloud architecture provides full security and reliability. Any virtual machine supported by VMware can run on our platform.
  Essentially Unlimited Internet traffic
Unlike most hosting providers, we don't charge for traffic to and from your cloud servers. All traffic over your optional MPLS connection to corporate IT is also free.
  Tier 1 Internet Connectivity
We have direct peering to Google, Yahoo, Akamai, Limelight, Bell, Telus, and Shaw.

Greater Security
Access to secure storage on our AlwaysThere storage appliances powered by NetApp.

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